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How to manage your expenses as a student while living in Germany?

I have been asked a lot time that how expensive it is to live in Germany as a student. And also if its possible to work here during your studies and how much money you can earn. 

Study in Germany for free

 In this video I covered various topics about the application requirements to apply in German universities.

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If you need any kind of advice regarding the admission process as well as the job opportunities and scope of your specific field in Germany feel free to book a personal online Skype session with me.

Podcast with experienced people

She got a Job in Germany with Pakistani Degree (Without German Language)

I remember back there in Pakistan it seems to be nearly impossible to get a job in Germany with only a Pakistani Degree. Now since I am here I met a lot of people who came here either on internship or simply for a Job. Manal is one of them and today she is telling us how she gets a job here in Germany without any prior work experience in Pakistan and also without any German language skills. 

IT jobs and German language requirements in Germany

In this Podcast Ahsan Yusuf will share some useful information regarding IT job sector in Germany. Ahsan Yusuf is currently working as an IT trainee Engineer. He will also tell us about the importance of German language requirements while job

Complete Guideline to Bachelors in Germany in Urdu

Many students asked me to make a video about the pricedure to apply in Germany for bachelors degree. In this video you will find out the guidance and experience of a Pakistani Bachelor student ( Perveer Singh) who is now living in Germany for two years.

Why should you go to abroad for studies

Why would anyone want to live away from home all alone by him/her self? Well there are pros and cons for everything and this video we will mainly focus on the pros

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