Are you confused about your educational career path? Do you want to know which field has a future and good job prospects in Europe?

Well, we are here to help. During our one-on-one counseling sessions with a member of team Access future, we will provide you with professional advice that will help you in selecting your future path. We have tailored our coaching experience in the Europe work and education markets to serve as a tool for helping as many students and professionals as possible to have a seamless and successful integration into their new life in Germany. The following are some of the services we can offer our clients through our Career and Life coaching:

They will be able to help you with:

  • Step by step guidance about the process of applying to European University 
  • Choosing the right course and career path
  • Guidance about part-time jobs
  • Guidance about what city you should choose

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We will find out the universities for you according to your interest and academic profile. Things we need from you to prepare this list:

Name of the field that you want to pursue. (3-4 keywords must be provided)

Complete Transcript (mentioning your subjects and grades)

Language test score if available (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, etc..,)

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Different European countries require you to follow different CV/Resume patterns, we will prepare your CV/Resume that fulfills those requirements. Our team includes professional CV/Resume Writers with years of experience in the field. A Professional CV/Resume will help you to increase your admission chances, as we will make sure to avoid any mistakes in spelling, grammar, and other formatting or structural issues that can potentially leave a bad impression.

Things we need from you to prepare your CV/Resume:

  • Personal Information

  • Educational Background 

  • Work Experience if available (Internships, Full-time jobs, Freelance work, etc…)

  • Language Skills if available

  • Digital Skills if available 

  • Certifications/Short if available 

  • Conferences and Seminar

  • Honors and Awards if available

  • Projects if available

  • Publications if available

  • Volunteer work Certificates if available

  • Hobbies

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This is one of the most important documents of your application. It very primarily impacts whether you get admitted into your interested course or not. Many people underestimate a LOM’s value and its impact on their application and prospects. Team Access Future is offering its services for preparing LOMs for over 5 years we have helped over 900+ clients to create a perfect LOM and many of those clients are already pursuing their dreams by studying in Europe at several prestigious universities. Our expert motivation letter writing services are experienced in creating outstanding study abroad application essays, motivation letters, and résumés or CVs that not only meet all formal standards but also portray the applicant in the best and most professional light possible.

We need you to prepare the best possible LOM for your specific course of interest:

  • Educational Background  

  • Projects/ Thesis details 

  • Internships (If any)

  • Job Experience (If any)

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It is very unfortunate that sometimes the Letter of recommendation provided to the students by their teachers are not up to par with European standards. It is very important to provide a Letter of recommendation that reflects the student’s approach to problem-solving and also mentions why this student is the perfect fit for the university. It is very important that the teachers who recommend you must follow a specific pattern. Team Access Future will prepare a Letter of Recommendation for you that will cover all the important aspects that your teacher should mention in the Letter. 

Things we need from you to prepare LOR: 

  1. Professor’s designation 

  2. Semester and name of Courses taught by Professor

  3. University name

  4. Department name

Please Note: Your Professor must sign a letter of Recommendation along with the University letterhead and official stamp.

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Whenever you ask your university to provide you with an English language proficiency certificate make sure it mentions both your language skills and the language of instruction of that specific course. In case you are not sure if the university has provided you with the correct certificate, it is better to buy a sample from us where each thing is mentioned according to the European Universities’ demands. 

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Applying to a university can be a very stressful process, and it might be even more demanding for students like you, who want to go abroad. This is why you should never hesitate to ask for help. Team Access Future is more than willing to help you as we have dedicated departments with an experienced professional whose main goal is to file the correct admission applications for international students in any European Country.

Things we need from you to file your university admission application: 

Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s degree + Transcript 

Intermediate Result / Degree

Matric Result / Degree

Research Proposal (if any)

Work Sample (if any) 

Passport and passport size photograph (if available)

Work Experience Certificate (if any) 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

English Proficiency Letter (From University)

IELTS Language Certificate (if available)

German Language Certificate (optional)

Letter of Recommendation (From your university professors)

Letter of Motivation

Hope Certificate (in case you’re applying on basis of 7th semester or less)

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Ever hear that my visa got refused due to incorrect visa application documents? 

Yes, it can happen and even the slightest mistake can cost you at least 1-2 years of delay in achieving your dreams. An incomplete visa application, missing documents, and leaving out important information, are some of the most common reasons for visa denial. As mentioned earlier Team Access Future has dealt with more than 900+ applications and not a single visa has been rejected due to an incorrect visa file application. With a 100% Success ratio Team Access Future is confident that you won’t be facing any issues with your visa file given that you have provided all the documents that we have asked from you. Since Each European country has a specific demand for visa application files we will let you know what documents we will be needing from you once you choose the country of your desire. 

Some of the common services that we provide while preparing documents for you include.

  • Step-by-Step guidance about the required documents and where you can get them.
  • Block Account Opening (in any European Country)
  • International Health Insurance 
  • Visa Application form filling 
  • Correct arrangement of documents

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The last and most important step which will decide whether you get a visa or not is your visa Interview. Team Access Future has been offering its services for preparing students in such a manner as to avoid any chances of visa rejection. Team Access Future will provide you with two training sessions. The first will be conducted through a Live 1-on-1 Skype/Zoom session with you where you will be provided with all the expected questions along with the answers that will be asked during the visa interview. Apart from this, suitable tips shall be provided in order to pass your interview successfully. 

The second Session will contain a mock interview, where you will be questioned in a similar manner to your actual interview process. This Mock interview will be conducted in English. We will evaluate and let you know about any shortcomings found during the mock interview to better prepare you for the upcoming interview. 

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It can be a hassle especially when you want to transfer low amounts to German universities or Uni assist.

From Pakistan. We provide you with a fast, safe, and reliable way to transfer your fees in Pkr currency to AccessFuture’s Pakistani account and we will submit your Fees in Germany in Euros with the help of our Access Future German Account. You will also receive proof after the transaction. The fee shall be transferred within 3-4 working days.

Charges: 20 Euros fees for transferring between   0 Euro – 100 Euros

               40 Euros fees for transferring between   100 Euros – 300 Euros

               60 Euros Fees for transferring between   300 Euros – 500 Euros

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Our Individual Services

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